“The Elixir of Love” hits all the right notes at Trinity United Methodist Church


The Hudson Lyric Opera opened their latest production, “The Elixir of Love” on July 17 at the Trinity United Methodist Church and the whole crowd was in awe over the amazing performance. The abilities of everyone were notable and it was shown that everyone gave 110 percent in the production.

The story of “The Elixir of Love” is set in 19th century Spain. A smart and beautiful woman named Adina (6/17 & 6/24- Frances McGovern, 6/18- Laura Ann Heckmann,6/25- Laura Glaves) is reading a book telling the story of ‘Tristan (Alan and Isolde’ where the Elixir of Love is mentioned, and then tells the tale to the villagers.

A squire named Nemorino (6/17,6/18, 6/25- Alan Briones,6/24 Terence Hyde) who is pining for Adina, hears the tale as well and wants to find the Elixir of Love to make Adina fall in love with him. However, Adina rebuffs him and takes interest in an Army sergeant ( Paul Guidel ). So when a Doctor (6/17, 6/24, 6/25- John Taylor Thomas, 6/18-William Ramey) comes into town claiming to possess magic potions, it creates a wild ride that allows for the talented cast, orchestra, and crew to showcase their abilities.

Other cast members include:
Belcore-Corporal- Christopher Neils
Peasant Dancers/Dulcamara Helpers- Lauren Luck, Annalise Padron, Isabella Padron, Alyssa Solomon,
Louise Solomon
Gianetta- Mary McGovern (6/17, 6/25), Stefanie Schera Kocovic (6/18, 6/24)
Notary- Andrew Neils

The orchestra of the performance was largely composed of local high school students who performed brilliantly and the opera would have been severely lacking without these gifted musicians conducted by Diane Lang.
Violins- Daniel McCaffery, Claire Capilow, Ricky Palacio, Lara Ann Villanueva
Cello- Jake Le, Daniel Romano
Bass- David Saphra
Viola- David Ramirez, Alexandra Mena
Bassoon- Richard Simons, Ky Verhoef, Diane Fedora, Phillip Fedora
Clarinet- Steven Silverstein, Steven Miller
Oboe- Bruce Schaffel, Maggie Romano
Flute/Piccolo- Lisa Broniak, Lois Roman, Allison Potanovic
Trumpet- Tom Kane
Trombone- Alexander Slomka
Horn- Elaine Friedlander
Keyboard/Harp- Rosalinda Perez
Percussion- David Cox

And of course, the crew are instrumental in the execution of this opera,
Artistic and Musical Director- Rosalinda Perez
Assistant Director/Choreography- Louise Solomon
Producer- Anthony Perez
Lighting Directors- Christopher Neils, Andrew Neils, Pierson Perez
Stage Crew- Christopher Neils, Andrew Neils, William Ramey, Pierson Perez

You can see the production yourself at Trinity United Methodist Church in Stony Point, tickets are available at the door the day of the performance.

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