NYACK DODGES A BULLET: July 4 melee could have killed bystanders


In this picture you can see where police cut out bullet from corner ceiling, and the child-seat where a child normally sits in vehicle.

NYACK- The Rockland County Times has obtained exclusive pictures from the crime scene of Nyack’s Independence Day melee that occurred on Tuesday, July 4.

According to witnesses, a parked car was hit by stray bullets during the gun fire that erupted on Depew Ave. after the fighting and crowd were dispersed from Artopee Way near Main St. There is evidence another round entered a vacant apartment at the nearby Nyack Senior Center, however, this remains unconfirmed. 

Photos indicate the two bullets entered the roof of this late-model car at nearly the identical spot right above the windshield. Two bullets were recovered inside the car, one hit the headrest above a child-seat winding up in the trunk and another bullet was cut out of corner ceiling next to rear window. 

At the time of the shooting, the car was parked across from the senior center on Depew Ave, where fighting re-erupted after police broke up initial crime scene on Main St. According to initial reports, fighting broke out around Nyack Plaza leading to at least one face-stabbing, multiple shots fired and three arrests following the Village of Nyack-sponsored fireworks show.

According to police and eyewitness accounts a group of mostly young people on the Artopee Way side of the Plaza community housing project became rowdy for unknown reasons. One man was stabbed in the face, police said.

According to Orangetown PD one of the suspects fled from the scene by foot. Two “expended rounds” or spent bullets were found on Depew Ave. One bullet was recovered inside car and the other was found inside a vacant apartment, both on Depew Ave. Another was later recovered in the trunk of the car.

Orangetown PD said a 52-year-old man was charged with assault and two 21-year-old men were charged with disorderly conduct. Orangetown cops also said that Piermont, South Nyack and Rockland Sheriff Dept. officers helped respond to the incident and clear out the crowd.







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