DEALING DEATH: Feds prosecute Tarrytown dealer for lethal batch of dope

WHITE PLAINS – A Tarrytown man was sentenced in White Plains federal court to over eight years in prison for distributing heroin connected to an overdose death.

Anthony Delosangeles, also known as “Taco,” was sentenced on Tuesday for selling heroin, some of which substantially contributed to the overdose death of his customers. He pled guilty in March to one count of conspiracy to distribute more than 100 grams of heroin.

It was alleged that one of Delsangeles’ customers, Thomas Cipollaro, who had just finished a period in a rehabilitation center for his heroin addiction, texted Delosangeles asking to buy some heroin. During the ensuing text exchange, Delosangeles learned that Cipollaro had just completed drug rehab and that Cipollaro planned to use the heroin he was about to buy immediate.

Delosangeles also bragged that his heroin was particularly strong.

Later that same day, Cipollaro was found unresponsive in his car with 15 empty glassine baggies, of the type used to package heroin, near his body. He remained in a coma for several days before dying.

Autopsy results determined he had enough heroin in his system to contribute to his death.

Originally published by MidHudson News

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