On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, the following identical letter was sent to both our former Congressman Eliot Engel, and our current Congresswoman, Nita Lowey:

“I am simultaneously writing to both of you through your representatives since each of you have expressed your deep concern for matters of auto safety in the US and have similarly expressed your support for legislation to strengthen the FTC’s role in protecting purchasers of used cars from the dangers of acquiring vehicles that have defects that are subject to a safety recall, and, in many cases (the purchasers), have not even been made aware of these defects.

Most significantly, our Congressional District here in Rockland County has been excellently served, sequentially, by each of you, for many years as our former and current Congresspersons. It is, therefore, most fitting that the residents of Rockland County can rely on the two of you to continue your excellent leadership in the House of Representatives.

In my position as the Ombudsman for the Rockland County Times, I have had the privilege to speak to many community groups and leaders in Rockland. The subject of auto safety has always been one of the top priorities among these groups and community leaders.

The recent interest in the issue of safety recalls for used cars among these community groups and leaders has emerged as a result of my series of weekly articles on this critical topic.

As a result of my recent conversations with several of the community leaders in Rockland, it was clear that they would be most happy if their former and current congresspersons would join together to help to solve this very serious problem concerning the purchase of used vehicles.

I believe that such an action would be a fitting tribute to the many years of continuous service given by both of you to Rockland County.

I would greatly welcome responses from each of you, which I would like to share with my weekly readers in my column in the Rockland County Times.

Respectfully, Dr. Louis Alpert, Ombudsman For the Rockland County Times”

This Ombudsman will be most pleased to share the expected responses from both Congressman Eliot Engel and Congresswoman Nits Lowey, as soon as they are made available to me.

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