The Pour House in Nyack may have poured its last alcoholic drink according to State Liquor Authority (SLA).

On Wednesday, July 19, the first SLA administrative court hearing was held for allegations that 16 underage patrons bought and drank alcohol in the Nyack establishment on Friday, June 30. While the Pour House remains opened, it is only serving food and soft drinks at this time.

On July 5, an emergency suspension order by SLA was issued after a June 30 joint investigation with Orangetown Police Dept. discovered 18 minors entered the bar with fake identification, and 13 of those minors signed statements that admitted they purchased alcohol from a bartender and three minor stated they obtained alcohol from other patrons.

According to the SLA, the Friday night investigation was conducted after multiple complaints of underage sale of alcohol to minors were filed. The SLA has a pending June 3 charging sale of alcohol to two 17-year-old agents from a prior joint investigation with Orangetown Police Dept. The SLA has also received over $22,000 in fines from the Pour House stemming from 2013 and 2015 charges for alcohol sales to minors, lax supervision and noncompliance with local regulations.

A May 10 a Yelp review by Blain B., Suffern, NY said, “A lot of underage kids come [in] and recently there has been a lot of cracking down on that. Never had the food, but it looks okay.”

Local resident and Nyack business owner Maya Nash reacted to Pourhouse’s latest allegations by saying, “it’s sad that greed triumphed over reason for this business…Aren’t we supposed to protect our young people a little better?”


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