Crime Blotter 7/27/17


Stony Point:

20-Year-Old Arrested for DWI
On July 11 at 8:30 p.m., 20-year-old Griffin Urruttia-Orme of Orangeburg was involved in a car accident. Upon further investigation, police found him to be intoxicated. He was arrested for DWI and released with four summonses returned by August 17.


False Personation Charge
On July 13 at 6:15 a.m., 27-year-old Paul Johnson identified himself to police using a false name. Warned that doing so was illegal, he was charged with false personation. He was found with a small amount of marijuana and an arrest warrant out of Stony Point court. Johnson was arraigned and remanded to Rockland County Jail on a $1,000 bail with a return court date of August 3.

ShopRite Shoplifter
On July 21 at 10:50 p.m., 22-year-old Amanda Bergoff of Haverstraw was allegedly caught shoplifting from ShopRite in Stony Point. She was found to possess $66.80 of unpaid merchandise. A court date was set for August 17 to answer the charges.

Spring Valley:

Crazed Resident Stabs Officer
On July 26 at 7:20 a.m., police were called to 34 Prospect Street in Spring Valley due to a complaint that a resident was going crazy by destroying everything and hitting the children. The first officer found the complainant and other family members outside of the home yelling for help. Once inside, the officer observed the suspect violently throwing items including pots and pans, and ripping off the stovetop and throwing it at the officer. A physical altercation resulted, in which the suspect repeatedly tried to stab the officer, resulting in one stab wound to the officer’s torso. Another officer arrived, disengaged the struggle and deployed his taser on the suspect. Both officers took the suspect into custody and all were treated at a local hospital and released. The 37-year-old suspect, Artemio Gonzalez is being charged with attempted murder and attempted assault. He is being held pending arraignment.


Argument Results in Broken Property
On July 19 at 4:33 a.m., 58-year-old Steven Wilkerson of South Nyack was arrested for criminal mischief. Police responded to a possible dispute on Sickles Ave. in Nyack where Wilkerson allegedly was in an argument with another individual in the residence. Wilkerson left the residence after the argument, but later returned and broke the residence’s front window. He was arrested and released with a court date of August 8.

DWI Over Three Times Legal Limit
On July 23 at 1:36 a.m., 27-year-old Adam Epstein of Pomona was arrested for DWI. Officers observed him operating a vehicle on Artopee Way in Nyack and noticed that he pulled over to the curb. They approached him and smelled alcohol on his breath and noticed his bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. He failed numerous sobriety tests and was transported back to Orangetown Police Headquarters where he failed a breathalyzer test, proving he was more than three times the legal limit. Epstein was released and is due back in court on August 15.

Numerous Charges Against Combative Burglar
On July 24 at 7:50 a.m., 40-year-old Joseph Bell of Nyack was arrested for numerous charges. He allegedly went to a Nyack residence and pushed in an air conditioning unit that was in the window. He then illegally entered the residence, becoming physically violent with the female resident that he came in contact with. When she tried contacting police, he allegedly took the phone from her. Dispatchers were able to keep the line open, finding the location and officers arrived on the scene. Bell became combative with police and eventually was subdued. Bell was charged with burglary, robbery, unlawful imprisonment, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and harassment. He was transported to Rockland County Jail with a bail of $15,000.


Suspect Threatens with Knife
On the evening of July 23, officers responded to a local residence due to a complaint that a man was threatening others with a knife. Officers entered the house to find a 36-year-old male in the kitchen holding a large knife. He then ignored police orders to drop the knife. Police used a taser to subdue the suspect. The suspect was transported to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation under the NYS Mental Hygiene Law.

Surveillance Video Tip Leads to Arrest
On July 21, police posted a surveillance video of a male in the rear of a Sloatsburg business, in an attempt to identify the male for a larceny investigation. In under 24 hours, police located the male due to a tip and arrested him. He had outstanding warrants in the Town of Warwick and Village of Greenwood Lake. He was processed and is awaiting to be turned over to the other departments on the warrants.

Swerving Vehicle Leads to DWI
On the evening of July 22, officers observed a vehicle swerving along Viola Road. The vehicle was stopped and the 40-year-old male driver was deemed intoxicated. The suspect, a resident of Spring Valley, was charged with DWI.

Fishing Trip Leads to Arrests
On July 25, police received a call from an Airmont store reporting that two males had stolen fishing equipment. Their description and car’s description was given, the latter of which patrol officers recognized and pulled over. Upon investigation, fishing equipment was found in the car along with an open container of beer. The 57-year-old driver was charged with DWI, larceny and criminal possession of stolen property and remains in Rockland County Jail. The 49-year-old passenger was charged with larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. He posted bail and was given a future court date.

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