Letter to the Editor: I DEFY your stupid adult home regulations

Dear Commissioner,
This afternoon, Myrna Daos, who is administrator and proprietor of Spring Valley Rest Home, which I am a resident of, demanded that I remove all items from my dresser and my night table. Myrna said that state regulations require that the tops of dressers and night tables be bare. Of course, I refused. I refused because I need the space for storage of my clothing and personal items.
You bureaucrats, to paraphrase 1960s. country singer Joe South, while away the hours in your ivory Corning Towers making regulations that you do not have to live under.  You make unfair and unreasonable regulations only to justify your salaries, wages and benefits. You don’t care how your regulations affect those of us who are asked to live under your regulations. These regulations, I have the right to DEFY. The above mentioned regulation is one that I am DEFYING, and I will continue to DEFY.
I DEFY, and will continue to DEFY, your stupid and tyrannical government regulations.
All yours,
Edward John Branca, Jr.
Spring Valley Rest Home

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