3 Basic Tips for Picking Honest and Reliable Movers

Almost everyone has ever had a negative experience in dealing with service providers of any area. The common problem is a variance of agreed and actual prices. This is a typical behavior of unreliable service providers you definitely should avoid. So how to find honest movers that will not try deceiving you? Here are the tips that will help you save your money and pay no extra charge.

Tip №1: Pay Attention to an Estimate Type a Company Usesa

Before signing any agreement, you have to know which type of an estimate will be used for determining a total cost of service. Take in mind that there are two common types of an estimate Movers Pasadena or any other moving organization uses. Let’s consider both a binding and non-binding estimates.

What Is a Binding Estimate?

If the company uses a binding estimate, it means you will sign an agreement in advance. This document will contain an exact price for services you have ordered. Therefore, after moving, you will pay the amount that has been quoted in the agreement. How does it work? At first, a company representative will come to do an estimation. Then you will agree on a date of moving and sign an agreement containing a cost of services.

What is a Non-Binding Estimate?

A non-binding estimate is only a preliminary one that can be edited if some conditions will also change: a weight, size, distance, etc. It is an unstable amount that will depend on various aspects.

So which estimate type is better? The first one eliminates a possibility to manipulate a total cost for dishonest service providers. Though, in most cases, using a binding estimate type lead to a higher price because movers tend to themselves from potential risks. However, if movers use the type, it does not mean you should not trust them. One way or another, you should follow the next recommendation.

Tip №2: Review the Estimate Before Signing

Before signing anything, check what is quoted in the estimate by a company representative. If you are not sure in a mentioned distance or suppose that the distance is shorter, in fact, do not hesitate to verify it. Or if you find stairs in the document but your house has only one floor, it definitely has to confuse you.

Tip №3: Check Your Moving Insurance Options

gMovers use two types of insurance: Alternative Level of Liability and Full Value Protection. Depending on the insurance type, you can count on a particular loss recoup in case of damaging or losing your belongings because of a moving organization.

Alternative Level of Liability

Such insurance provides only 60 percent protection per item.

Full Value Protection

This type means that movers are fully responsible for any damaged or lost item costing more than 100$.

Using these tips will help you avoid unreliable companies that do a dishonest business. Be attentive and good luck with your moving!

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