A BAD DESIRE: Sears Nanuet employee charged with allegedly pocketing $5,483 in false returns

Carlentz Desire has been charged with three felonies for allegedly pilfering $5,400+ from his workplace

Carlentz Desire, a 21-year-old former clerk at Sears Nanuet, has been hit with three felony charges for allegedly printing false return slips totaling $5,483 and depositing the money for the returns in his bank account. On Tuesday, August 1 around 5 p.m. Desire’s store manager reported the alleged theft via phony return slips to Clarkstown PD.

Following an investigation, Clarkstown PD agreed with the manager’s assessment of the situation, concluding that Desire transferred the monies from the false return slips directly onto his debit card. Officer Peter Walker told the Rockland County Times there was a total of five thefts over a five-week period.

Desire faces two D felony charges of third degree grand larceny and third degree criminal possession of stolen property and one E felony charge of first degree falsification of business records. The Rockland County Times has not yet confirmed whether Desire has a criminal record or is a first-time offender.

Mr. Desire was arraigned in Clarkstown Justice Court and remanded to Rockland County Jail on $2,500 bail. He is due to appear in court again on August 8.

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