Governor Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) has directed Con Edison to take significant and immediate actions to improve the New York City subway’s power reliability and prevent future service failures. Over the last 12 months alone, power-related issued have caused more than 32,000 subway delays and service disruptions.

To address these issues, the PSC has ordered Con Edison to perform the necessary remediation in coordination with the MTA and has set an aggressive timeline for the work to be done – 6 months for priority projects, 9 months for second priority and the entire project completed within one year. Work will be performed seven days per week until the project is complete.

The objective is the inspection and repair of the entire system, including traction power substations, manholes, cables, property line boxes, energy distribution rooms, signal relay rooms, signal junction boxes, track, signals, track side equipment, and interlockings. “The number one necessity is a reliable power supply. That must be provided by Con Edison,” said Cuomo. “Over the years there have been band aids placed all over the system. We need to fundamentally upgrade the entire system.”

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