Clarkstown Town Hall Holds Public Hearing Discussing New Crack Down on Litter


Because of its effect on wildlife and property value, littering has become an issue that the Clarkstown Town Board has taken into major consideration, by making two of the three hearings at the recent town hall in regards to the issue.

One of the major possible solutions the Board has is to put up a six foot fence with an additional one and a half feet of barbed wire around the top. This fence would stand around portions of the reservoir.

Additionally, the Town plans to impose stricter fines on dumping litter in the water. Currently, the law banning and prohibiting littering in the town comes with a fine between $2,500 and $15,000, with price differences based on how many times a person is caught littering. The Town plans on increasing these figures even further.

Another major matter of business at the Town Hall was a public hearing to consider modifying zone lines in order to make the zones clearer, more unified, and easier to understand for developers and Town staff.

The public hearing was to amend the Zoning Local Law of the Town of Clarkstown, and it was brought forth by Town Planner, Jose Simoes.

It was determined that many undeveloped pieces of land will either remain in zone R-160 or will be added to R-15, R-22 or R-40. The Town also says the new zoning will cause no major effect on school population or public services.

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