Carlucci Calls on Governor to Sign Financial Literacy Bill


Senator David Carlucci this week called on Governor Cuomo to sign S.1170-A into law. The bill, sponsored by Carlucci and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, allows qualifying women in public assistance employment programs to seek participation in financial literacy and personal finance courses. Participating in such classes will build awareness of financial choices, leading to a more secure financial future. Additionally, it will help to provide workforce guidance and information on entering into trades and other nontraditional careers.

This bill supports the proposition that women who receive public assistance may benefit greatly from access to nontraditional careers, such as trades, that can lead to higher salaries, career growth and economic security. Too often, low-income women are tracked into low-paying jobs, keeping them locked into perpetual basic survival. This bill is one more step toward helping provide low-income women access to better-paying careers with upward mobility. The combination of access to nontraditional careers and financial literacy instruction can greatly support the transition to economic security and empowerment.

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