Cornell repudiates unsavory elements

Keith Cornell, candidate for Rockland County Surrogate Court, has released the following statement:
“I have become aware that certain elements in our county have been issuing bigoted and anti-Semitic statements using social media and excerpts from a local newspaper regarding my opponent in the race for surrogate.
“I am denouncing this action in the strongest terms possible. After what occurred in Charlottesville, I call on the residents of Rockland to unite and reject this hate.
“As a judicial candidate, I am prohibited from engaging in most political or social commentary. The very essence of what Judges do requires them to be circumspect and neutral as to make fair and thoughtful decisions.
“However, I cannot stay silent when some are attempting to hijack a campaign by casting aspersions on my opponent, who is a loving father, brother, son and friend to so many and on whole communities of our Jewish neighbors.
“Let’s show everyone that hate must not be tolerated and should be rejected in all of its forms.”
Keith Cornell is a lifelong resident of Rockland County with 30 years of legal experience, and a 2017 candidate for Surrogate Court Judge

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