Orangetown marks the day we will never forget


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It was a somber sight at Orangetown Town Hall last Monday as the community gathered to remember the tragic events of September 11th and collectively grieved for the men and women who perished in the attack, as well as the survivors who passed later due to medical complications caused by the incident.  Town Supervisor Andrew Stewart, who has served as the master of ceremonies for the annual memorial for five years now, spoke for the entire county when he reflected his own astonishment “to think that 16 years have passed” since that terrible day.

“I’m sure you all remember where you were that day,” began Supervisor Stewart as he recounted the events of the attack and the rippling effects it has had on our community. After moving performances by local artists, solemn prayers from town religious figures and stirring speeches from Rockland law enforcement and emergency service members, the event concluded with the unveiling of the town’s 9/11 memorial.

The memorial has been renovated this year, a second stone added to the display that bears the names of Detective Robert Williamson, Police Officer Patrice Ott, Police Officer Christopher McMurry and Fire Chief William Harris: brave heroes of our community who have passed on from aliments caused by the events of 9/11. The brief but impactful ceremony was a gripping reminder not only of the tragedy of that day but the resolve and strength of our community.

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