Dispute erupts between Rose Memorial Library and Town of Stony Point


STONY POINT- Rose Memorial Library Board President Jennifer Lima has been promoting a ballot referendum seeking $717K in funding for a new library. The status of that referendum is now up in doubt.
On September 14, the Stony Point Town Clerk’s Office informed the Library Board that paperwork they filed on August 29 was inadequate because the library board did not have a quorum of five out of nine members present. When the board again filed their paperwork, this time correctly, they were informed by the town that their window of time had already passed.
Lima said she was being “stonewalled” by the town. Town attorney Brian Nugent took humbrage, stating, “The library dropped the ball on this in several places and they should not malign a town clerk with an outstanding reputation because of their own failures.”
The library board was considering a lawsuit at their meeting last night. The Rockland County Times did not hear word whether or not the board has chosen to take that step. [Update – the board has filed suit]
The long-sought upgrade of the town’s diminutive library has been a regular source of friction in town politics.

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