Integrity in local government and proper supervision of the work force


To the Editor,

Recent allegations against a Clarkstown employee bring to light an array of concerns in local government operations. Beyond the allegations alleged on any one individual possibly conducting personal errands [gym, going home or to a relatives home]. This all being done while operating a marked town vehicle. I have to wonder if this may be the tip of the iceberg? I have to wonder, who and where was this individuals supervisor? How is overtime earned and who approves the overtime?

It seems to this concerned taxpayer that there may be a culture of entitlement in our local governments. Where some in fact may believe they are owed a living with overtime pay regardless of the work they do or do not perform.

It seems clear to me the root of these problems although they may be rare is due to a lack of proper supervision.  It wasn’t too long ago a county DPW supervisor was caught up in delivering drugs in his bright orange Rockland County labeled truck. Again the question is where was this mans supervisor and what was this man thinking that he some how thought he was entitled to operate his county truck on county time to deliver drugs?

It appears what should be common sense needs to be given in employee training, Instruct all employees that the government owned and marked vehicles are for official business only. It further may be required to instruct employees that they are expected to work in their Official capacity as per their contracts that they have agreed to. Further instruct no personal business is to be conducted during the work day.


Dave Veraja

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