Hudson United Mortgage announced recently that it has acquired the property at 8 College Avenue in Nanuet, New York, right near Route 59 by Wendy’s and Toys ‘R’ Us where they plan to open a new sales office. The building is designed to be the headquarters for sales, processing, and underwriting.  It will be central to Rockland’s foremost commercial district, and Hudson believes it can service the whole county from this location. 

In the last four years, Hudson United Mortgage has grown over 300 percent.  And with this office, they will achieve greater brand publicity and have more room for processing.  “Although the space currently fits 2,600 square feet, it can increase to 6,000 to accommodate the expansion,” said Daniel Rand, partner and president of home services for Hudson United. 

“The Rand family of companies has shown a huge commitment toward growth by purchasing a building to house Hudson United Mortgage,” said Renee Short. “We are committed to our mission of creating a local financial institution offering a huge array of mortgage programs to benefit countless future homeowners. Our roots run deep in this community, and we have been lucky enough to earn the trust of our neighbors.”

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