How to Pack Light and Heavy Items Properly

It is not an easy thing to pack your bedroom, kitchen and living room supplies to transfer them safely to a new place. Light and heavy objects have oppositely different rules of packing, wrapping, and moving. So, to become an expert in this work you have to get a few basic but very important skills. Thus, you are able to save extra funds by doing all packing and wrapping work by yourself.

Firstly, we recommend you to find reliable moving companies corona ca, which have a full spectrum of services included in the initial price. And set in motion packing your light and heavy items room by room. Now, we’re going to teach you how to do it accurately.

Basic Packing Rules

  • We’re going to start with small but heavy items like canned food, liquids, silverware, etc. You will need paper, paper tape, and a small size box. To pack the canned food, just place it at the bottom of a box without wrapping in the paper. When the first level is completed, put a layer of paper on it. So, you can place other stuff on the top. It can be anything small. For example, silverware. Just wrap it with the paper. If you have some extra space, you can put something extremely light on the silverware. For example, spices, aluminum foil, hand towels, napkins, etc. Then, lock everything in with a layer of paper and close the box. Place a piece of tape across the top of the box. And don’t forget to label it.
  • Let’s learn how to pack something heavier – books. No matter how big your home library is, take small boxes rather than medium or large ones to pack everything in. Divide your books into several groups by size. Pack hardback items spine to spine. Paperbacks should be always placed vertically. Fulfill in the gaps with some crushed paper.
  • And what about bubble wrap? In what cases can you use it? Bubble wrap is suitable for extremely fragile items like bowls, glasses, vases, plates, paintings, electronics, etc. To pack something in with bubble wrap, unroll the bubble. Place item on it, but make sure that bubble side is up. Then proceed with wrapping  the item. Tear the bubble wrap on perforated line. That’s all.

As you can see, the knowledge of basic tips are able to help you not only save some extra time while moving but also save extra money on packing services. If you haven’t decided yet what moving service to use, visit the yelp website to get all needed information about moving companies and their services as well.

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