Rockland County Project Begins at Cedar Pond Brook in Stony Point

Rockland County has broken ground on a project to stabilize an embankment along the Cedar Pond Brook in Stony Point that was severely eroded during a hurricane.

“Six years later and we are still cleaning up after Hurricane Irene,” Rockland County Executive Ed Day said at the site. “The steps we are taking will protect homes and property from future flooding.”

He was joined Friday by Rockland County Drainage Agency Director Vincent Altieri, Rockland Legislator Doug Jobson, Stony Point Supervisor Jim Monaghan and Stony Point Highway Superintendent Larry Brissing. The area around the creek flooded and homes were threatened during the storm.

The project calls for approximately 200 feet of rip rap – large stones – to be placed along the embankment and for the back-filling of soil behind the rock. The County of Rockland has entered into a contract with Wetland, Inc., for just under $300,000 to perform the work. Most of the cost will be reimbursed by FEMA instead of local taxes.

The design was done in-house by engineers with the Rockland County Drainage Agency engineers. Work will start by the end of next month and the project is due to be completed by the spring.

“We hope we don’t have another Hurricane Irene. But if we do, the work that is being done here will prevent flooding, erosion and danger to property,” Day said. “This is another investment in our infrastructure.”


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