To the Editor,

On November 7 New Yorkers have an opportunity that comes around only once every 20 years – to establish a Constitutional Convention. New York is at its greatest when it stands up for participation, democracy, and the power of ordinary people. Both party’s inability to get any meaningful change accomplished has us disenchanted and dumbstruck. It is time we recognize that young people are resisting the power of the political machines and turning away from the parties in droves. The rest of our great electorate has begun to do the same.

More and more New Yorkers are declaring independence from broken party politics every day. Instead of waiting for party politicians to enact common sense reforms, we have a chance to take that action ourselves. Voting Yes to Prop 1 on November 7 is simply saying “Yes, we want options.” That’s it. Any and all proposals generated by this process would then have to be passed by us at the ballot box.Our constitution should defend the right of every New Yorker to vote in every election without having to pledge fealty to a private political party. It should encourage more participation in democracy, not less.

It is time to remind the political elite in Albany that they work for us, not the other way around. When it comes to making headway on positive practical change for our state, I’ll trust my fellow New Yorkers over professional politicians every day of the week. So on Election Day I’m making Prop #1 my priority #1. I hope you will vote yes with me for a Constitutional Convention. Turn over your ballots, vote yes, and turn the tide.

Debbie Ross

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