Town of Haverstraw implements garage conversion rules

The Town of Haverstraw has passed new rules on conversion of garage space following an uptick of such activity in parts of town.

The new rules state that homes with two garages can convert half of their garage space to residential space. A home with only one garage now requires a variance to convert the space.

A town official told the Rockland County Times that there was no official rule regarding garage conversion in effect until quite recently. The uptick in conversions of garage space to residential space compelled the town to work out a rule that allowed some conversion of space without permitting a wild west of garage-to-residential conversions.

NOTE- Last week’s print article contained a discrepancy. The article indicated under the new rule one-car garages could be converted into living space. As stated in this article, a home with only one garage would require a variance to gain this permission. 

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