TONIGHT: “Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen” looks at case of Rockland foot doctor who sought to slay wife

Dr. Ira Bernstein

Just in time for Halloween the nationally syndicated “Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen” airs their investigation into the case of Dr. Ira Bernstein and Kelly Gribulek, a wealthy Rockland County podiatrist and his mistress who sought to hire a hitman to slay Bernstein’s ex-wife Susan.

The shows airs across America tonight. Locally it will air Wednesday, November 1 on WPIX-11 at 2 a.m.

“The way this whole story unfolds, you just couldn’t make any of it up,” Ramapo Police Detective Robert Fitzgerald tells Crime Watch Daily.

When asked what their motivation was for killing Susan, Rockland County, New York Assistant District Attorney Richard Moran reveals to the show’s correspondents, “Money. Plain and simple, money.”

Undercover camera footage obtained by Crime Watch Daily will be revealed in the episode, including video of Gribeluk plotting with the undercover hitman, stating, “What about like a either hit and run like when she’s getting out of the car or someone backs into her and the guy stays and says, ‘I didn’t see her. It was an accident’ so there is no investigation?”

Crime Watch Daily has also obtained audio from phone conversations between Dr. Ira and wife Susan before the hit was ordered where she can he heard yelling, “Don’t bother coming back. You’re going to [expletive] jail and [expletive] court!”

Kelly Gribulek

Those appearing on the program include Rockland County Assistant District Attorney Richard Moran, Ramapo Police Detective Robert Fitzgerald and police informant Marckensy Louissaint.

Earlier this year Bernstein was sentenced by Rockland County Court Judge David Zuckerman to a term of 5 – 15 years in prison for his role in the plot and Gribeluk 4 – 12 years.  Bernstein also sought to have two insurance investigators investigating his podiatric practice beaten up.

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