Dinner is Served: Barnstormer BBQ in Fort Montgomery


I decided to venture outside of Rockland County for the November edition of “Dinner is Served. I chose a place I have driven past for ages and always wanted to stop and try: The Barnstormer BBQ on Route 9W in Fort Montgomery.

Owned by Jeff Provan of the well-known Provan family of Rockland County, The Barnstormer has been in business for 19 years, nine of those in its current location just north of Stony Point furthest reaches. The menu offers plenty of selections and combinations.

I ordered the combo dinner which consists of any two meats plus any two side dishes. I went with the brisket and kielbasa with cole slaw and French fries with my usual seltzer and lemon wedge. From the start some interesting things happened. First they brought me some of the house corn bread, which I enjoy with almost anything. What a pleasant surprise and I didn’t even need to ask for it.

When the main course arrived it featured a nice stack of fries. For another surprise they brought horseradish for the kielbasa once again without mine having to ask.

More often than not even if I ask for it they don’t have it and to any appreciator of sausages and wursts knows that horseradish is a must. The BBQ sauce was so good that I used it on my potatoes instead of ketchup along with a healthy dollop on the brisket.

The brisket was tender and juicy and held the sauce nicely. The kielbasa was perfect as it had just the right spiciness, tender and juicy, cooked to perfection. It was the type kielbasa that has nice healthy skin, which snaps when you bite into it.

Upon inquiry I found that it was an Alderfer product from Leidy’s in Pennsylvania. The two renowned meat companies merged in 2008, both known far and wide for their quality products. The meat is prepared in the Pennsylvania German style and for the health conscious it is antibiotic free.

I wrapped up the meal with a second seltzer. As I savored the experience, I enjoyed conversation with other patrons and the owner whom I hadn’t seen since I retired some 13 years ago, all adding to the relaxed atmosphere.

The entire meal came to a mere $23.52. I would say to anyone going or coming from a West Point football game, the Barnstormer would be the ideal to stop and eat. And for the Rockland County readership, it is well worth the trip over Dunderberg or up the Palisades Parkway just north of Bear Mountain.

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