Former Nanuet Principal Adamantly Denies Harassment and Abuse Charges

Former Nanuet High School Principal Vincent Carella told the Journal News he adamantly denies rape and sexual harassment allegations contained in a teacher’s $1 million claim against the school district.

A notice of claim, which is a warning of an impending lawsuit, was filed against Carella and the Nanuet district last month, although an official lawsuit has yet to be filed. Carella told the Journal News, who broke the story several weeks ago, “The allegations in this notice are sheer lies…in hope of a large monetary settlement.”

He stated he had a consensual affair with the complainant in 2004 and said he never retaliated against her for rebuffing his advances after it ended as she now claims years later. The teacher says in her claim that in 2004 Mr. Carella raped her in a hotel after a campaign of harassment that began in 2003, which included requests for sexual favors and wanting to have sex on school property.

According to the Journal News report, the teacher was appointed department chair in 2013 after his recommendation but she claims she then lost the position after insisting Carella stop harassing her.  Carella, who appeared at the Journal News offices with his wife by his side, said on the contrary the complainant had actually offered sexual favors in exchange for favorable treatment and punished him when he refused.

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