OMBUDSMAN ALERT: Breaking News, Center For Auto Safety Demands Chrysler Recall 150,000 Pacifica Minivans


As we await the imminent decision of the Arizona Judge in the case of Goodyear’s refusal to release thousands of hidden documents as complained by the Center for Auto Safety, the Center has just filed a petition with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to investigate yet another critical auto safety issue—this time concerning the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica’s numerous reported incidents of stalling while the vehicle is operating at varying speeds ranging, from 40 mph on municipal roads, to 60 mph while driving in a tunnel, to sitting idle!

“This has left drivers unable to accelerate, decelerate, or utilize power steering. It is well established that stalling vehicles have resulted in serious injuries or deaths,” according to the Center for Auto Safety.

“The danger goes beyond what happens to families in the stalled minivan during the loss of power, as drivers of disabled vehicles are often hit and killed by other cars after they have pulled over to the side of the road,” says Jason Levine, Center for Auto Safety’s Executive Director. “Chrysler needs to recall these vehicles, provide alternatives in the meantime, and figure out how to fix the problem.”

“Chrysler claims it cannot locate the source of the defect,” says one Pacifica owner who experienced this stalling problem. “Rather than do the responsible thing by recalling the car, or at least providing a loaner vehicle until this major defect is fixed, Chrysler has instead asked my family to continue driving the car with a data recorder attached to help Chrysler figure it out. Nether my family nor anyone else should be asked to serve as Chrysler’s crash test dummy.”

This ombudsman (yours truly) will continue to monitor this case with the leadership of Ralph Nader’s Center for Auto Safety (as I have done with the Center’s other serious cases in past years).

I will report all developments in this current case with readers as soon as I learn of them.

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