‘POLAR POPS’ Ice Cream truck gives all proceeds away to charity in honor of their son, Timothy DeVisser

Jim, David, and Cathy DeVisser with son Timothy pictured below standing in front of Polar Pops Ice Cream Truck

When the DeVisser family lost their son Timothy due to an epilepsy seizure while asleep, it was just days before his 21st birthday. His mother Cathy decided the family would continue to give back to the community to reflect the generous spirit of their beloved son and brother.

Cathy has created Warming Hearts of Rockland and family and friends operate the ‘Polar Pops’ truck in honor of Timothy.  All proceeds from Polar Pops go to Canine Assistants and the Timothy DeVisser Scholarship Fund, created by the Northeast Epilepsy Group through their website Epilepsy Free.

Timothy founded the ‘Polar Pops’ truck with his brother, David, a few years before he passed. The DeVisser brothers shared a love of bowling and dogs, and Timothy was an avid history buff and advocate of recycling.

Timothy, diagnosed with epilepsy in kindergarten, was unable to drive due to his condition. He decided that he and his older brother could work the truck together. David would drive and Timothy would oversee the supply orders and serve the ice cream for parties and daily runs. His generous spirit didn’t allow any service personnel to pay for anything from his truck. Timothy would say, “that no one who served in the Armed Forces, police department or fire department would ever pay for a cold drink or an ice cream because they are always giving to the community.”

When Timothy passed away in his sleep on January 8, 2013, the close-knit family was devastated.

Dr. Lancman from the Northeast Epilepsy Group started a scholarship fund in honor of Timothy. Little Tor Elementary School and Clarkstown South celebrate Purple Day in Timothy’s honor and all donations go to his scholarship fund. Family and friends run the Polar Pops ice cream truck from the summer to the fall and all proceeds are split between Canine Assistants and Timothy’s scholarship fund. David has signed up with Amazon Smile, where 5% is donated to Epilepsy Free. The family will also continue to participate in the walks for Epilepsy.

The DeVisser family has been part of the community for over 20 years. They have supported many local and national charities over years before creating several others reflecting events in their lives. Part of their family life is giving. They actively participate in the United Way fund, St. Jude’s Children’s hospital, Canine Assistants, and The Epilepsy Foundation.

The DeVisser’s still have Sunday dinners together, as they always did. No cell phones, no TV, and their son Timothy’s enduring spirit lives on.

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