To the Editor,

How sad is it when the MSM and the left-wing Democrats get their underwear in a twist because Trump points out Liz Warren lied about her ethnic background to gain a break on her college tuition.

He again is the bad guy? How about the liar herself? Oh, that’s okay because she a Democratic liar.

Has anyone else wondered why the beady-eyed Mueller without a case is out to get President Trump? He’s more likely to be part of the corrupt swamp President Trump needs to clean out. All the evidence against the Clintons—not a word there. Uranium One Deal, for example.

We all had better wake up or it will be too late for our America to survive this garbage in Washington. FBI liars Comey, Mueller and the rest of the un-American pack of thieves and liars.

A Disgusted American,
Rosemary Mariotti
Stony Point

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