9/11 First Responder Claims Clarkstown Retaliated After Sexual Advances Complaint

A Clarkstown school district security guard and 9/11 first responder claims the school district retaliated against him for speaking up about a coworker’s inappropriate sexual advances toward an underage student and cafeteria worker.

Carlos Martinez said he was transferred to another school with different hours after reporting the incident, which made it difficult for him to receive medical treatments he needed. A 21-page lawsuit filed on Nov. 29 doesn’t specify monetary damages and notes the school’s Superintendent Martin Cox; Deputy Personnel Superintendent Jeff Sobel; Director of Facilities and Operations Anthony Valenti; and Clarkstown North High School Principal Harry Leonardatos as the defendants.

Martinez claims the security guard accused of inappropriate behavior was only suspended for his actions. The incidents were reported in spring of 2014, and Martinez was told two days before the 2014-15 school year of his reassignment. Shortly after moving schools, he learned the other security guard received Martinez’s former position.

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