Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,TCN-Deerpark) is reminding pistol permit holders that the deadline to recertify their pistol permits is January 31, 2018 per new state regulations. If your pistol permit was issued before January 15, 2013, you must recertify your permit before January 31, 2018. If your permit was issued on or prior January 15, 2013, the deadline is five years after the date the permit was issued.

“As frustrating as this is to have to jump through more hopes to exercise one’s Second Amendment right, it is paramount that all New York pistol permit holders follow the law and recertify before the deadline next month,” Brabenec said. “By coming out in droves to recertify, we are signaling to the governor that we value the Second Amendment and he is not going to silence us.”

If you are a New York state pistol permit holder and need to recertify your license or would like more information, visit the New York State Trooper website. You may contact Assembly Brabenec’s office at 845-544-7551, or email [email protected].

Assemblyman Brabenec represents the 98th District, which includes the towns of Deerpark, Greenville, Minisink, Warwick, Tuxedo, Monroe, and Ramapo

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