What Are Files And How Are They Categorized?

In the world of computers, files are items for every bit of data stored. It is the same way as written data are stored on a paper or music on tapes. So, whenever any data is stored, they are saved as a file with a filename. The filename consists of two parts, one is the name of the file and the other is the file extension which tells what the type of the file is. For example, if the name of the file is abc.txt, it tells us that the name of the file is ‘abc’ and it is a text document.

How To Recognize Which Extension Is Given For Which File?

There are many extensions of files in the web world and many more are being developed each and every day. It is very difficult for anyone to know about all the file extensions that are available right now. But some extensions like .exe, .docx, .txt etc. are used regularly and you can recognize them easily. But it is sometimes handy to know about as many extensions as possible so that you can know which software you should use. But even if you don’t know many extensions, don’t worry, wikiext has made it very easy for you.

You can just put any extension name you don’t know about in the search bar and find out all the information about it. It shows you what is stored in that kind of extension and then it shows you which software you can use for that particular item to open. If there are multiple software programs available, they will show you multiple software in a list that can be used for that extension.

The website also helps you to find software for your operating system for dealing with a particular extension. If you are using Windows, you will get information from the website and get the list of software that will work with Windows OS and tell you how to open the file.

File Extension

The file type helps the operating system such as Windows to know which software can be associated with the file. Changing the extension of the file won’t let you change the format of it. Therefore, if you change regedit.exe file to regedit.txt, this won’t make it a text file, it will remain an executable file.

Like if you are searching for files with extension .lit, when you search for this extension in the website, it will give you the information on the .lit file, as well as it will also tell you which software can be used with which operating system. Programs that open LIT files:

  • Windows
    • Calibre
    • Microsoft Reader
    • Convert LIT
    • ConvertLIT GUI
    • BookDesigner
  • MacOS
    • Calibre
    • Convert LIT Mac
  • Linux
    • Calibre
    • Convert LIT

Therefore, the job becomes very easy for you as you don’t have to remember all the file extensions possible as you can get the information whenever necessary from this website.

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