OMBUDSMAN ALERT: Consumers Union Agrees, Chrysler Should Stop Stalling or Provide Loaner Cars




As a follow-up to the Ombudsman’s 12-14-17 article entitled: “Chrysler Motors: Stop the Stalling of the Pacifica Minivans or Provide Loaner Cars,” Consumers Union, the Policy and Mobilization Division of Consumer Reports, has endorsed our paper’s demand for Chrysler to provide loaner cars for the Pacifica owners who have experienced multiple stalling episodes while driving on highways.

David Butler, the director of Communications for Consumers Union, is quoted as follows: “Automakers and dealers should put consumers first. If a vehicle is stalling and they won’t fix it, they should provide a loaner car.”

This Ombudsman also reached out to J.D. Power, an organization also known for rating autos in the U.S., which has rated the Chrysler Pacific Minivan first in its class. In contrast to the opinions of the Center for Auto Safety and Consumers Union, J.D. Power did not acknowledge stalling problems for the Pacifica Minivan.

Geno Effler, of J.D. Power Corporate Communications, submitted the following statement: “In several different studies, we ask consumers a variety of questions about their personal experiences with a vehicle. In those surveys, owners have the opportunity to point out a variety of observations such as problems they may have experienced or what features they find most satisfying. Our study results are based strictly on consumer input, so, our studies would take the issue of stalling into account only if the owners taking the survey mention it.”

My last attempt to follow-up on this issue was to submit a request to our Congresswoman Nita Lowey for her to consider filing legislation to require Pacifica Minivan dealers to provide loaner cars to those owners who have experienced multiple episodes of stalling while driving this vehicle at various speeds on the highway.

On Tuesday, December 19, 2017, I was informed by Congresswoman Lowey’s press office that they were actively looking for a “transportation official” to address this request for filing such a bill. This Ombudsman, as well as our readers, may hope that this request is fulfilled as soon as possible to avoid any possible life-threatening accidents that could result if these stalling episodes continue.

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