Mr. Owens apologizes for smashing phone, reconciles with family and says he was never wanted in Florida

Stony Point resident Christopher Owens, 47, is asking for forgiveness following a guilty plea to four counts of criminal mischief. On December 15, Stony Point PD arrested Owens, alleging that he twice smashed his mother’s cell phone to prevent her from calling for assistance during a domestic disturbance.

Owens’ case received extra attention because it was initially reported by SPPD that he was wanted in Florida for violating probation on marijuana charges and would be extradited. SPPD rescinded the extradition announcement and said Owens would stay in New York to answer the new charges.

Owens said he has apologized to his family for his conduct and is back in contact with his mother. He told the Rockland County Times he wants the community to know he’s not a criminal.

According to Owens the marijuana charges in Florida are from a decade ago and have already been dealt with. He said he was arrested for possessing about $50 worth of the plant. “I paid my dues,” he said in reference to the pot charges.

Owens took full responsibility for his behavior earlier this month, which he described as stupid and wrong. He vowed to pay society and his family back for his mistake and stay out of any further trouble.

The Owens family dealt with true tragedy in in 1995 when Christopher’s brother Tim was murdered in the course of a car robbery. One of his murderers, Joshua Nelson, is on death row in Florida. Christopher Owens said he plans to be present in Florida for Nelson’s impending execution.

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