Some Reactions to Governor Cuomo’s State of State address

“Governor Cuomo’s State of the State speech was short on specifics for public education. We anticipate the upcoming legislative session will be dominated by discussions about state budget deficits and tax restructuring. Worth noting is that the governor never mentioned budget cuts. A few of the education items the governor did propose — such as funding for prekindergarten, mental health services, and after school programs — have the potential to make a positive impact on students”

–Timothy Kremer, Executive Director, NYS School Boards Assn.

“As a way to reduce the property tax burden on homeowners across the state, Governor Cuomo proposed making the county-wide shared services panels that were mandated by the state last year a permanent fixture of local governments…in 2017, 34 counties submitted nearly 400 projects with more than $200 million in savings…Cuomo proposed making state funding for local government conditional on the continuation of shared services panels. Making state matching funds permanent and providing seed funding to assist counties in developing shared services plans would go a long way in achieving our mutual goals of lowering costs for taxpayers.”

—Stephen Acquario, Executive Director, NYS County Executives Assn.

“The Governor just doesn’t get it. People cannot afford New York. Nothing he said today will change that, in fact his agenda would make it worse…after overseeing seven years of Albany’s culture of corruption and unaffordable policies, it’s sad the Governor can only talk about inspiring citizens with a feeling of ‘management competence.’”

—Brandon Muir, Executive Director, Reclaim New York

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