CRYSTAL RUN RESPONDS: Medical firm says doctors suing to halt its merger with Montefiore are waging ‘misinformation campaign’

Official statement issued by Crystal Run spokeswoman Lynn Haskin regarding lawsuit against medical firm:

“Unfortunately, we have been forced into a legal matter, as seven of our 133 partners have filed suit over Crystal Run’s transaction with Montefiore Health System. As a result of the legal action, a blatant misinformation campaign has been purposefully launched against Crystal Run. We have chosen not to engage and instead remain quiet, as this is a private matter against which we will rigorously defend ourselves in the court of law, and not through the media.

“However, we want to assure everyone that this legal matter has absolutely no impact on our services or ability to serve the people of the Hudson Valley. Our goal and mission with this partnership, and overall, is to expand and enhance services for the people we serve. Any suggestion that this will reduce services, care or options for our patients is utterly false and contrary to everything we believe in and work towards as medical professionals.

“We will not be commenting further on the outlandish and deeply irresponsible charges that have been put forth against us and we will see those who have brought these charges in court.”

Submitted by Carol McIlmurray

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