Statement from Rockland County Executive Ed Day on the ‘Fix NYC’ Congestion Pricing Plan

“The ‘Fix NYC’ congestion pricing report is fundamentally flawed as Rockland County already faces a $40 million value gap between what our residents pay and the services we receive from the MTA. Exempting the East River bridges from tolls is a slap in the face to Rockland and the suburbs of NYC. The currently toll free East River bridges should be tolled because commuters from the outer boroughs have mass transit alternatives to driving. Rockland commuters have no other viable choice but to drive into the city,” said County Executive Ed Day. “Yet again the State is trying their best to enact congestion pricing, punishing Rockland commuters and draining them of their hard-earned cash. This plan smacks of a city-centric deal being cut with NYC state legislators. I am calling on all other state legislators to fight this proposal at every turn and protect Rockland’s already overburdened commuters.”

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