5 Sure Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home


Rockland home values have increased by 4.4 percentover the past year, and further growth is expected in the year ahead, according to Zillow, a real estate database company. With prices constantly on the rise, investing in your home can be an excellent way to capitalize on its value and earn more. Whether your house is in Haverstraw, Spring Valley, Nyack or Orangeburg, Rockland County is a convenient suburban area presenting excellent opportunities for you to get the right buyer.

Add a Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

To get a speedy sale, you need your home looking great. An ethanol fireplace is a unique feature that can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. According to a home decor expert, an ethanol fireplace is a stylish addition, which is easy to install, and easy to maintain. It comes in many designs, and it can be customized to blend into every room in a modern or traditional home. As this products it eco-friendly, you have much to benefit. According to Sunpower, going green reduces pollution, conserves natural resources, reduce operation costs and improves your family’s health. With no mess, fumes and maintenance costs, the ethanol fireplace is an excellent investment that gifts your home with a cozy look and warmth. Whether you install it indoors or outdoors, it creates a classy atmosphere in your home, making your home more charming to the buyer.

Do a Kitchen Makeover

All types of buyers put a great emphasis on the kitchen. To match their needs and taste, ensure your kitchen is in top form, is presentable and hygienic. When renovating your kitchen, be creative with your cabinetry, add a new countertop, upgrade the flooring, and lightings. Ensure there is ample space to accommodate a washing machine, tumble dryer and fridge. Also, replace old appliances and install new light switches that match your kitchen’s metallic look.

Care and Maintenance

The fixtures in your home speak volumes about it. A Forbes article on increasing the resale value of your home notes that taking care of small details can be a major selling point for your property. To breathe new life into every space of your home, you can start by replacing old faucets, change the doorknob and cabinet handles, replace the light switch cover and ensure your doorbell is functional. Make sure to repair all plumbing and roof leaks, and replace rusty gutters. To increase the value of your home, you don’t always have to spend big. Most times, it’s the small changes that make the difference.

Enhance the Curb Appeal

According to an article on The Balance, a significant number of home buyers decide whether to look inside a house or pass based on curb appeal. The first impression is what sells your home. To catch the attention of the buyer, ensure your outdoor area is clean. You can also improve the exteriors by repainting doors, windows and walls, and replacing old garage doors. To add character to your outdoor home, work on your lawn and landscape to make it neat, healthy and attractive.

Call a Certified Inspector

Before putting your home on the market. Seek the services of a home inspector. These specialists will point out any flaws in your property, assisting you to make timely amends that will help push up your sale. After you do the recommended fixes, the inspector can update the report which you can comfortably show to potential buyers. This will give buyers confidence and keep them from walking away.

There are many areas in a home that can be upgraded to maximize your returns on resale. Focusing on the kitchen, bathroom, lighting and outdoors is a good place to start.

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