The clocks are not alright

This image is not necessarily one of the maladjusted clocks
Photo by Laura Gonzalez [flickr]
The unofficial ombudsman of the Town of Ramapo and last standing knight of Monsey’s old guard, Robert Romanowski, continues his year-long quest to get the the town to fix its beautiful, new clocks.
Over a year ago the town invested in beautification, including numerous tall public clocks, but as it turned out the watch workers who spun the hands on the big clocks did not even come close to getting their calibrations right.
It begs the question, what is worse, a clock that gives the wrong time or the old town clocks that gave the right time but featured a recording of disgraced former Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence at the top of every hour.
Romanowski said the company who designed the clocks has promised the town to fix them in the near-future.

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