OMBUDSMAN-ALERT: Congress Must Restore Complete State and Local Tax Deductions From The Federal Income Tax!


Starting today, February 22, 2018, this writer has launched a program in the tri-state region of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to demand that senators and congresspersons representing these states support legislation  he restore the right of tax payers to itemize and deduct their high state and local taxes (SALT) on their 2019 federal tax returns. Recent legislation passed by Congress and signed by the president limits deductions to $10,000.

A series of articles on this subject will solicit statements from U.S. reps and senators representing the taxpayer citizens in the exceptionally heavily- taxed suburban portions of this area. Fortunately, a bipartisan bill co-sponsored by Congresspersons Nita Lowey and Peter King was recently filed in the US House of Representatives and calls for the restoration of all SALT deductions for taxpayers who choose to itemize on their federal income tax returns.

The Ombudsman Alert will follow-up on the progress of this bill in the House and any matching bill filed in the US Senate and immediately report developments back to our readers. It is most critical that the solicited statements from both the US Senators and Congresspersons be shared by this newspaper with selected newspapers in the tri-state area, including those in Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties in New York as well as leading suburban newspapers in New Jersey and Connecticut.

This series of articles is planned to continue through the 2018 federal election!

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