By Town of Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann
By Town Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann

We’re at an interesting point of the year as winter lingered but the signs of spring are everywhere. Spring is the annual time of renewal as nature takes over, flowers start to bloom and the world comes alive. While flowers are slow to arrive, we’re witnessing renewal in a unique way. This week, two major religions, Christianity and Judaism celebrate holy days that are emblematic of renewal.

Christians are celebrating Holy Week, which commences with Palm Sunday and through the actions of the Easter Triduum, namely Holy Thursday, Good Friday culminating on Easter Sunday tell the entire story of Christian redemption, which itself speaks of and is a call to renewal. Likewise, Jewish people celebrate Passover, commemorating the passage of the Jewish people from slavery in ancient Egypt to freedom through the intervention of God. This too is emblematic of renewal. Both holidays bring a perspective of faith that prompts one to seek personal renewal.

In the coming days this holy weekend, I hope that you will have the ability to witness such traditions that celebrants of both Easter and Passover share alike: watching children find hidden things. Whether it’s watching them discover hidden Easter eggs or the afikoman matzo, it’s always a delight to see the brightness of children’s eyes when they discover either one. When they encounter the hidden items, they experience and stir that sense of renewal. Everything is right where it should be, if we allow ourselves the chance to seek it out.

If this were not enough, on Thursday, America’s Pastime, baseball, opens the 2018 season. The long baseball season brings hope and optimism as every major league team now has its sights set on reaching the World Series. Little Leagues are holding practices in parking lots and on whatever field they can get to that isn’t still covered in snow. From Little Leaguer to seasoned pro, they all start fresh, with a season of individual and team goals just ready to be achieved. In short, right now there are no winners or losers, just people filled with hope for success and faith in new beginnings.

May this week be for all of us a time of renewal and hope for only the best that is certain to come.

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