County Unveils New Highway Dept. Facilities

County Executive Ed Day joined with Legislative Chairman Toney Earl and other members of the Legislature recently to sign a recently passed bond resolution for $29.5 million for the construction of new Highway Department facilities and three other bond resolutions to continue the methodical rebuilding of county government.

The new Highway Department facilities will include an office building, a large vehicle storage building, a repair shop, a cold storage building, a salt shed, a truck wash and a fuel station. Having proper storage and cleaning facilities for all of our equipment is expected to increase the life expectancy of our vehicles by 20 percent (five years), which translates to a savings of about $190,000 a year.

“Additional savings will be realized during snow storms,” County Executive Day said. “Relocating our facilities to Chestnut Ridge puts our plow trucks and drivers closer to where they need to be. This will improve the deployment capability and operations of our Highway Department; at the end of the day that serves all the people of Rockland better.”

“They say good things come to those who wait; it’s been a long road but finally Rockland County will have a new highway facility,” said Legislative Chairman Earl. “The facility will provide storage and protection from the elements for the vehicles and the equipment. Being mechanically inclined I know how that’s going to stop a lot of malfunctions and improve the longevity of the equipment. Proper storage and protection will go a long way.”

Also signed off on were three bond resolutions one for a document management software system that will modernize government and save taxpayer dollars ($2 million); one for a playground for court-ordered visitation at the Pomona complex in service to child and parent visitation requirements ($375,000); and one for the continued repurposing of the Pomona complex with an eye on ensuring a complete one stop shopping hub for health and human services here in Rockland ($300,000).

“Now is the time for the methodical repurposing and rebuilding of Rockland County’s facilities. While the cost to fund these projects is significant, transforming our government’s infrastructure while we have the chance will provide lasting value to our county and leave a legacy for future generations to build upon,” concluded County Executive Day.


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