Dinner is Served: Review of Copper Still

By Col. Andrew J. Smith

In my perambulations about the area, I see places and things that I put into my mental file for future reference. One of these is the Copper Still on Route 202 in Mount Ivy.

The restaurant is situated in the triangle exactly where the Mount Ivy Pub stood for generations. This present incarnation opened in 2013. I decided to finally give it a try.

Upon entering, it’s immediately apparent that the sports bar is a big part of its character. The dining area is nearby and you get the expected chatter, but it was not overly loud or unruly, just the usual that you’d find in such a place.

As I entered, I spied a friend whom I hadn’t seen in several years and caught up on things with him, which is always a nice, friendly feeling. I chose a booth in the back where I could see what was going on around me. It didn’t take long before my waiter, Frankie, arrived, who was very busy at that dinner hour, so no time for chit chat.

I took a long look at the menu and found that they too had Cobb salad, which readers all know is one of my favorites. But I have to keep the readership in mind who want more than just my ongoing contest of whose Cobb salad is best–but one day I will return for my own interests to that end. Anyway, I chose their brisket sandwich with a side salad and, of course, my usual seltzer and lemon wedge.

Very shortly after, a basket of bread arrived, which was warm and soft and not the sometimes hard-like biscuits, which we all have experienced in our dining past. The salad came directly after that, which had cucumbers and tomatoes with probably a quartered head of lettuce and honey mustard dressing. About the time I had finished the salad, my sandwich arrived and was generously proportioned. It was nicely stacked with a nice portion of steak fries and Cole slaw.

One thing I always like to try out is the house barbecue sauce as I have never found two to be exactly the same. This one was the sweetest I have had thus far, as they are all variable in different ways. The brisket was challenging to pin down because it was curiously reminiscent of pastrami in the way it was sliced and in texture. It also had an unexpected bacon-y, smokey flavor, so it was uniquely different than I’ve ever had before.

The bill came to a mere $19.48, which was a bargain. The service was fast and courteous, as it should be. They had a nice selection of sandwiches and roll-ups, which appeals to a popular segment of society and a good selection of appetizers. So check it out!

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