What’s there to do at Turtle Boo indoor amusement park?

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A lot [if you’re a kid]


Turtle Boo indoor amusement park in Spring Valley has been open nine months now, offering families with children one of the best “fun days” available in Rockland County.

The park has a wide-open space where kids can run around and parents can observe them at all times. The large space can accommodate many families comfortably and the cafeteria can feed them generously.

All of the rides are fairly small, but seem perfect for the young children they are intended to entertain. The main attraction, however, is the three-layered jungle gym in the center of the park.

Staff at Turtle Boo assured that the gym was designed with safety in mind and is cleaned daily to prevent germs from spreading. There is a path that runs through the jungle gym that can accommodate disabled kids.

Like a true amusement park, Turtle Boo features several mechanical rides. The owner noted the park has a strict code that employees must follow to maintain safety and supervision around the children at all times. Turtle Boo promises parents that you’ll never see an employee on their phone at the park.

Turtle Boo’s arcade room has games that require tokens and others that do not. Ski-ball is one of several vintage arcade offerings, rewarding players with tickets that can be redeemed as prizes.

In the back of the park stands an interactive screen flood that displays two games that change every 10 minutes into a new game. As I sauntered past the area of the screen it transformed from soccer to the old arcade classic, Whack-a-mole.

There are large party rooms that can be reserved for birthdays, as well as an even larger hall that can be rented out for more extravagant occasions. Toddlers (1-2yrs) are $9.99; Kids (3-16) are $15.99 but a dollar more each on the weekends and holidays. Each child earns a parent free admission to the amusement park!

This is the only indoor amusement park in Rockland County and it proudly holds a 4.9/5.0 rating on Google review. The owner emphasized and reemphasized that the park considers safety its top priority. The park is next to a food market in the former Spring Valley Flea Market complex, so it could be an easy way for one parent to keep a child or children occupied while the other parent goes food shopping for the family.

Turtle Boo is sure to be a popular location since it’s the only amusement park currently openly in Rockland and the traveling parks that usually populate Rt. 59 are running into trouble with the long winter and heavy snows. Turtle Boo is interested in getting involved with the community so PTAs and Summer Camps of Rockland, if you need a venue for you next field trip; parents, if you require a venue for your child’s next birthday, Turtle Boo in Spring Valley is your destination.

Turtle Boo’s website is turtleboo.com. For any inquires regarding reservations, rates, or business hours; call 845-746-2100. The proprietor told the Rockland County Times any customer who mentions this article while booking a party is eligible to receive a 10 percent discount. The Rockland County Times has no stake in this offer.

The park’s address is 175 NY-59, Spring Valley. Turtle Boo stands close to the Food Fair Fresh Market and several other large storefronts.

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