OMBUDSMAN EXTRA: Politics must not trump our Tappan Zee

The Ombudsman Alert’s last article: “Legislation Advanced to Restore Tappan Zee to New Bridge” called upon our elected legislators, Ken Zebrowski, Ellen Jaffee and David Carlucci to support pending bills in the Assembly and Senate, A8914A and S7671, respectively, which would restore the Tappan Zee name to our new bridge, while saving New York State taxpayers several millions of dollars by not having to remove and replace the many hundreds of signs currently bearing the name “Tappan Zee” Bridge.

Unfortunately, our three legislators informed this Ombudsman that they would not vote to support these bills even though it was presented as a compromise, which would call our new bridge by the name: “Governor Mario M. Cuomo Tappan Zee Bridge”

Ombudsman Alert requested statements from each of our elected officials on their position to not support this pending legislation.

The following partial quotes are provided to our readers –

Last year I publicly advocated to keep the Tappan Zee name for the new bridge…At this point, I do not think another re-naming effort is likely to pass the full legislature and be signed by the governor.”

“….At this time when we as a state are addressing a wide range of issues, my focus is on the economic, health, and well-being of individuals…..”

“…..It will always be the Tappan Zee to me, my friends and my family…because that is the name we’ve grown up with…..”

In summary, our legislators, representing the part of New York State most concerned with restoring the name to this new bridge, will not lend any support to the cause….and it’s all called politics!

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