Catching Out Your Cheating Husband

If you have been married and comfortable for a number of years, it can come as a big shock if you suddenly find that your husband may be cheating. Most women never imagine that they husbands will do this to them when they get married but years later some do go off the rails and stray, which can be devastating for the partner.

If you believe your husband may be cheating, there are a few give away signs that you can look out for. Of course, these do not provide conclusive evidence – catching him in the act is the only real way of doing this other than an admission from him. However, they will give you more of a basis to go on rather than just throwing accusations and hoping for the best.

What signs should you look out for?

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that your husband is up to no good is if he suddenly starts making and receiving a lot of surreptitious calls. If he sits in front of and talks openly to the caller, it is probably a friend, colleague or family member. However, if he makes and takes calls sneakily and disappears with the phone, it could be a sign that he is cheating. Similarly, if you have been out and you come back him and hear him on the phone, then he hangs up when you walk in, this could be another sign. If you do see that he has getting a lot of calls from a number you do not know, you can use reverse phone lookup services to find out who it is.

Has your husband always been a bit on the lazy side when it comes to appearance? Well, if he has and he suddenly starts making an effort and grooming himself, you have to ask yourself why. Perhaps he has started wearing a lot of aftershave or has started getting really dressed up t go out whereas he never used to. Maybe he is making more of an effort when he goes to work – don’t forgot, plenty of affairs take place at work. If there has been a marked change in the way he dresses and grooms himself, you are probably right to be suspicious.

One more thing is to look at his habits when going out. Your husband may suddenly be going out all the time whereas previously he was happy to sit on the settee watching TV. Maybe he has suddenly started working late on a regular basis when he has never had to do this before. These are also little signs that he could be up to something. Another thing you may find is that he is spending a lot more time on social media but with the phone or laptop turned away from you. He may even suddenly close the laptop or put his phone down when you come in. Again, this could be a sign that he is messaging someone on social media or ‘facebook’ flirting.

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