Supreme Court Gives States Back Gambling Rules

On Monday May 14, the U.S. Supreme Court expanded legalized betting on college and professional sports by striking down a federal law forbidding states from authorizing this type of gambling. Casino stocks rose as a result of this decision and sports team owners wondered about a future with accepted gambling on sports. Sports leagues and the NCAA, which oversees college sports, specifically are worried that  widespread sports gambling may lead to wealthy betters attempting to bribe officials and/or players. 

The 6-3 decision struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act which was passed in the 1990s. The court determined this regulation violates state’s rights to make their own decisions and the power has been sent back to the states. 

Oil Spill in Hudson River

Haverstraw residents noticed a stench and substance in the Hudson River last weekend and it was soon discovered that an oil spill had occurred.  The Coast Guard is investigating the spill and overseeing the cleanup. 

[Correction – Initial reports that a Tilcon tugboat had caused the spill have been retracted]

One resident who smelled the stench from his backyard went to the river and said the fuel spill was “substantial.” The quarry, located along Route 9W and the river, has been a source of contention between residents and the business over noise, dust and truck traffic. 

Interfaith Symposium at RCC Intended for Building Relationships 

A symposium at Rockland Community College focused on strengthening Rockland’s diversity aimed to build bridges between different local communities. One of County Executive Ed Day’s campaign goals last year was to foster strong relationships between different communities in Rockland after acknowledging animosity between the ulta-Orthodox Jewish community in Ramapo and other residents. At the interfaith symposium, there were no representatives from the ulna-orthodox and Hasidic communities. “I just enjoyed who was there,” Day said. “There was certainly no exclusion.” 

Woman Dies in Tuesday’s Storm While Driving 

An 80-year-old woman in Chestnut Ridge was killed when a tree crushed her car while driving along Red Schoolhouse Road during the storm on Tuesday May 15. Around 4:45 p.m. a tree crushed the roof of her car resulting in life threatening injuries. Police are withholding the victim’s name until her family is notified. Tuesday’s storm took out power for more than 59,000 customers in the Lower Hudson Valley. 

Power Outages Across the Area after Tuesday’s Storm

When Tuesday’s storm hit the Lower Hudson Valley, it left about 54,000 without power, by Wednesday night that number was down to 32,000 customers. Updates from the following electric companies were posted: 

NYSEG: Almost 10,000 remain without power in Westchester

Consolidated Edison: 751 customers are without power, and should expect to have it returned no later than 11 p.m. on Thursday 

Orange and Rockland Utility: Almost 1,400 are without power in Rockland, and should have had it restored by Wednesday at midnight 

West Nyack Activist Honored for Disability Advocacy 

A West Nyack activist was inducted into the Disability Rights Hall of Fame a few years after his passing. Terence J. Moakley, who died in 2014 at the age of 69, was part of the first class of honorees. Eight people were chosen for their lifetime achievements in advocacy of disability rights. Jamie Weisman, CEO of the United Spinal Association, nominated Moakley who was a quadriplegic from the age of 23 after a driving accident. Some of his notable achievements include getting curb cutouts put onto New York City sidewalks, founding Mobility Through Access in the early 1980s and founding Taxis for All campaign in 2007 to gain disabled access for New York City taxis. 

Westchester Mayor Indicted 

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas was indicted by a grand jury for stealing campaign funds and failing to disclose his receipt of inaugural funds for personal expense. This comes after he sued to block acting state Attorney General Barbara Underwood from continuing the prosecution of the mayor. Thomas was arrested on March 12, and is accused of stealing more than $12,000 from his campaign committee. His press office and other spokespeople have not commented on the indictment. 

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