ANOTHER FIRST: Tuohy wins Gatorade Athlete of the Year award in two sports

Katelyn Tuohy, record breaker


On Tuesday, North Rockland High School star athlete, sophomore Katelyn Tuohy, was awarded the 2017-2018 Gatorade National Girls Track & Field Athlete of the Year  just two weeks after breaking the high school’s girl national mile record; running a time of 4:33.87. 

Tuohy is the first athlete in history to win the Gatorade Player of the Year national title for two different sports in the same year. She first won in cross country and now in track and field. Tuohy is in her own elite company. 

Coach Kyle Murphy said, “Katie stands apart from a lot of the other athletes that I’ve worked with and that I’ve  have seen because when you couple her talent with her work ethic shes really special.”  Many people would say that “special” would be an underestimate when describing Tuohy. 

Star Olympian and New Jersey native, Sydney Mclaughlin presented the award to Tuohy at Mountain View Deli in Thiells, NY. 

Tuohy said, “I was really surprised with Sydney Mclaughlin just because she’s not a distance runner and I can really relate to her since she’s close to my age.” When received the award for the cross country season Nike athlete Mary Cain presented the award to her. 

As Tuohy walked into Mountain View Deli, she assumed she was picking up her father’s birthday cake, not knowing she would be receiving her second Gatorade National Girls Track & Field Athlete of the Year award. The only two athletes to win the award more than once are Marion Jones and Sydney McLaughlin. 

Tuohy, who broke several national track and national records this season, said, “I really feel like my training definitely influenced the outcome.”  She doesn’t take all credit for herself. Her coach and team has been key. “They’ve [teammates] helped me so much just supporting me throughout my season and just rooting for me every step of the way.” 

Tuohy kept the same training regime this year as she has in the past. Minor tweaks made by her head coach, Kyle Murphy is what lead to her success this season. Tuohy said, “It was pretty similar to what it been in the past,” but with a moderate increase in miles run and workouts that “were a little more intense.” 

“Since I’m older and stronger I knew I could handle it,” she said. 

Winning the Gatorade National Girls Track & Field Athlete of the Year twice in one year has not satisfied Tuohy. She is on a mission. Her goals for next year are” “Keep improving, break this record again and hopefully win Gatorade athlete of the year again.” 

Sydney McLaughlin’s only advice to Tuohy is:  “Just keep doing what you’ve been doing.” She continued, “When I went to Rio, everybody told me not to change—to just do what I’ve always done. is on the right path and I’m excited to see what she does.” 

The sky is the limit for Tuohy and the best has yet to come according to Coach Kyle Murphy. “I think she’s going to continue to improve and constantly keep climbing.”  

Sooner or later Tuohy will be representing the US in the Olympics.


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