ACTION REQUESTED PLEASE: Clean-up of Spring Valley Park ASAP (dead animals, drugs and defecation)

Open Letter to the General Public and County, State and Village of Spring Valley Officials County Executive Day, Mayor Simon and Chief Modica, Ms. Jaffe and Mr. Carlucci:

I am writing you as a new resident to Spring Valley, moving here in May 2018.

On the weekends, I usually have custody of my two-year-old son and today, Sunday, July 15, between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., I decided to take him to the nearby Spring Valley Park.

Either someone is asleep at the wheel or just doesn’t care, but the children’s play area, and immediate surrounding areas, need some serious attention. What a sad looking and neglectful park.

As I walked up across the creek bridge towards the playground, there was a homeless woman in the bushes defecating. She saw me and my son, who I had to turn his head away, and gruffly kept right on with her No. 2.

I saw a man by the basketball courts openly smoking, what I can only assume from the scent was, weed. Two lingering men in jeans and work boots completed a hand-to-hand drug deal right at the fence of the play area.

When I got inside the playground, trash littered the ground including bottle caps, cigarette butts, a empty clear baggie with white residue. A dead goose carcass lay rotting off to one side, full of maggots and flies.

I mean it was totally revolting to see the conditions of the main play area for the village, on a Sunday in broad day light.

Please send a crew and some additional law enforcement to clean up the area, particularly on weekends, so parents and children can enjoy the area with some peace of mind.


Al Robertson

Here’s a picture of the dead goose, just steps away from the children’s swings and slides. I didn’t bother taking pictures of all the trash and other activities I witnessed.

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