Nyack acts among headliners at Mazzstock 2018

Tom Clancey, a longtime Mazzstock fixture, helped recruit some of the Rockland bands new to Mazzstock. He said, "My band SkyDaddy has enjoyed growing up with Mazzstock, so to speak, and we're so thankful to its hard working founder Big Lee and organizers Vinny 'The Don' Pomarico and Victoria Bourbeau—who are also some of our best friends on the planet—for giving us this stage. "Coming to Nyack, and immersing myself in the local music scene, I couldn't help but urge The Don to bring some of the great local acts—like Dark Side of the Hudson, ShwizZ, Danielle Sheri and Dead Meat (which I also play in)—into the Mazzstock fray. "For us, with so many contemporaries in one place, it's going to be a special weekend."

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