Statement from Chairman Lawrence Garvey on Rockland County Board of Election Commissioner’s re-tweet that “R” on the November Ballot stands for “Racist”

“Rockland County Election Commissioner, Kristin Stavisky’s re-tweet of the statement that says “…the R on your ballots for Nov is for Racist” is extremely troubling and requires that the Commissioner step down. The Rockland County Election Commissioner thinks that all members of the Republican Party are racist. This is the women that gets to decide who is and who is not on the ballot. It is impossible for Commissioner Stavisky  to uphold her duties and keep her oath of office if she thinks that virtually half of the candidates that run for public office are “Racist”. It is simply inexcusable. Therefore, I will be filing a formal complaint with the Rockland County Board of Ethics as well as the New York State Board of Elections.  This is the same women who sits back and says nothing while elected Ramapo Democrats in Rockland County subject the minority children of the East Ramapo School District to abject, continuous, institutional racism. Kristin Stavisky needs to resign”
For more information, please contact Lawrence Garvey at (914) 329-1446 or via email at [email protected]

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