Long-distance swimmer and local businessman sentenced to 7 years jail for sexual abuse of minor

Record-breaking long-distance swimmer and former Nanuet storefront owner David “Skip” Storch pleaded guilty in February to sexually assaulting a minor. Last week, he was sentenced to seven years in prison on the charges.

Storch, 60, of New City, will be serving time in prison for sexually abusing a young girl since she was the age of 10. During his sentencing that was held last Tuesday, Storch was seen bursting into tears while calling himself a coward for admitting the immoral act. Storch admitted to sexually abusing the minor since June 2008 to December 2011 in South Nyack.

Following Storch’s prison sentence, he will also be under supervision for 15 years post-release. Under the Sex Offender Registry Act, Storch is required to register as a sex offender.

Storch was the longtime owner of Shu-Fly Tackle & Fly Shop.

All districts in county to deploy “school resource officers” this school year

This upcoming September, all of Rockland County’s eight public school districts will have their own school resource officer. The new dedicated resource officers will be assisting safety and security issues on campus. Orangetown Police Detective Brandon Myers has been working part time as a SRO as needed, splitting his time between South Orangetown and Pearl River school districts. Thanks to this new agreement, both school districts now have their own full-time resource officers. This upcoming school year, Orangetown Police Officer Mike Taylor will be stationed as the SRO at Pearl River High School, and Officer Andrew Vergine at Tappan Zee High School.

On August 15, Pearl River’s Bin41 closed and will reopen as River Lounge. The River Lounge’s new owners, Anthony and Emilie Barros make promises that the lounge will maintain the same atmosphere as before. Maintaining it’s casualty, style, and presence of its wine and bar area, The Barro’s will also be making some personal add ons. Some of the minor renovations made will include fresh paint and other interior changes. The River Lounge’s focus will be mainly wine, but will also have a new cocktail menu that will include spirits and higher end bourbons. The wine list will have more California, Italian, Chilean, and Spanish wines to choose from, but will continue to share the same focus Bin 41, Portuguese. Their menu will also include homemade sangria, 41 bottles of beer, and a variety of different foods so that you may wine and dine. The new owners hope to have River Lounge opened by September 14th and will be located at 41 East Central Ave. Pearl River, NY.Y, 845-735-1111. You may also check their updates on Facebook.

Contract Dispute with Aetna and Montefiore Sparks Blame Game

Aetna clients using Montefiore Health Care System might be paying more out of pocket come September 8th if a planned deal between the two providers is not finalized. Negotiations were recently rescinded according to Aetna when Montefiore requested increased rates allegedly to secure increased margins. Montefiore responded by stating “Contract negotiations have stalled as Aetna continues to demand we accept unreasonable cuts that do not appropriately pay for the care we provide.” If a deadline deal is not reached by the end of the current contract, Aetna clients will be forced into paying more for Montefiore Health Care services or if possible switching their coverage. As directed by Aetna, clients are to call the member services phone number that is located on their ID card for more information. Montefiore suggests it’s clients to call its information line at (855) 226-3071.

Drug Death Toll Reaches it’s peak

New data concerning death from drugs and overdoses in New York recently revealed a 5.5 percent increase compared to last year. According to July data, some lower Hudson Valley communities experienced a decline in opioid deaths in 2017. Last year, New York’s fatal overdose toll spiked last year to 4,157 having the opioid epidemic’s ruin reach a new high.

Authorities have struggled to fight heroins fatal epidemic, along with prescription painkillers, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. For 2017, it is likely that the final death tally will grow further. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, communities confirm immense amounts of drug overdoses. Due to the backlogs in toxicology testing, it’s taking authorities longer to count the bodies that are being lost due to drugs.

New clerk sworn in by Orangetown

Orangetown has hired a Tappan businesswoman as their new town clerk, replacing Charlotte Madigan who resigned July 17. On August 7, owner of Oak Tree Printing, Rosanna Sfraga, was appointed by the Town Board. Sfraga will receive $77,692 a year for her new position and will be serving through December 31.

Still, there will be one more year remaining on Madigan’s term and there will be an election in November to fill it. Supervisor Chris Day says Sfraga is intending on running for that position. Improvements Sfraga said she plans to implement include using technology to increase efficiency and extending business hours during periods of tax collection.

“The Clerk’s Office is very much in need of being brought into the 21st century in terms of of modern business practices and customer service — with a focus on going out of the way for residents — and that’s exactly what she brings to the table,” Supervisor Day said.

Customers urged to b cautious of false alarms

As summer comes to an end and the holiday season rolls around, many agencies such as FEMA and our own Rockland Police, are urging customers to use extreme precaution and adhere to any emergency alarms whether real or false while shopping this year. False alarms at Palisades Center in West Nyack has resulted in shoppers taking a “wait and see approach,” while alarms go off, continuing with their shopping and eating as if nothing is happening.

Local police and federal agencies urge the public to follow and practice these safety drills of evacuation in case of a real emergency occurring in order to limit casualties and disaster. Recent studies show that even though we have been safer since 9/11, there are about 15 times a year in which retail/shopping venues have been the target of violence.

Justice served for FDNY Chief’s death

Justice has been finally served in the 2016 untimely death of FDNY Chief Michael Fahy. Garivaldi Castillo 33, and Julio Salcedo, 36, both pleaded guilty on Friday in Bronx Supreme Court to felony charges of manslaughter and criminal possession of marijuana. On Sept. 27, 2016 Michael Fahy responded to an explosion in a Kingsbridge house occupied by both Castillo and Salcedo that was being used to grow marijuana.

A gas leak inside the home caused an eruption that resulted in the roof collapsing on and killing first responder Fahy, who was trying to evacuate and save lives while inside. Both defendants expressed their remorse and actually thanked Fahy and the FDNY for saving their own lives. At least 20 other people were injured in the disaster with Fahy being the lone fatality. A donation page as been established at fdnyfoundation.org/donate for anyone willing to help with this tragic loss.

Bike thief footage released

Surveillance footage was released by Piermont police of a suspect who is said to have stole a $6,000 bike from a bike shop on August 7th in Piermont. The bike thief was described as a Hispanic man between the age of 25 and 35 years old, having a full tattoo sleeve located on his left bicep. In the footage, the suspect was wearing a black Nike T-shirt, black sweatpants, along with black sneakers. If anyone has any information pertaining this incident please contact Piermont police 845-359-0250.

Congers Pool likely closed for rest of season due to lifeguard shortage

Congers Pool shut down on August 19 at 6:45 p.m. for the rest of the season due to a lifeguard shortage. The announcement was made by town officials on Facebook on August 17, saying that the Congers facility’s gates would soon be closed and was likely not to reopen until next year.

Clarkstown Residents can still have fun in the sun at Germonds Pool located in West Nyack and Lake Nanuet in Nanuet, as both will remain open through Labor Day. Congers Pool was expected to remain open until Labor Day until plans were changed due to its lifeguard shortage. No further information was provided.

Wellness event for seniors

A wellness event was held at the Palisades Center Mall by the Rockland County Office for the Aging during National Senior Citizens Day. On August 21st, from 10a.m. to noon, Seniors not only walked a half a mile on the first floor of the mall but were most importantly able to gain information about health and wellness. The county’s Office for the Aging also hosted snacks and activities for the seniors. According to county officials, about 400 senior citizens participated at the event, about 100 more seniors than last years event. “We’re all focused today on wellness,” said county Executive Ed Day. “Now when you get to this age, you want to go on.”

Tourism spending up in Rockland, county officials say

Tourists are spending more money in Rockand County according to figures that were released this week. An estimated 32 million was the result from visitors who spent money in local restaurants, hotels, shops, and other main attractions throughout Rockland County. Rockland County’s tourism program focuses on advertising using social media, attracts visitors from China who support programs like Explore Harriman and Visit Nyack.

The program promotes the river towns, invests in local festivals and events and also promotes a filming industry that is expanding. The county’s hospitality-related organizations have been working together to attract even more tourists, maximizing their efforts. “These partnerships have been crucial to the success of the tourism program,” said Lucy Redzeposki, Rockland’s director of tourism and economic development. “Together, we have put Rockland on the map.”
New Nyack  Culinary Arts Center to remove parking spots

A new Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center at the corner of Broadway and Main Street in Nyack will remove 70 parking spots once used by residents as free parking. The parking lot owner Bill Helmer’s has rescinded the village’s use of the space and instead has asked cars illegally parked to be towed from the vicinity.

Towing, which began the first week of August, has agitated many of the public who still see it as free parking and some have refused to comply with the new regulations. Tow truck drivers have offered drivers leniency, having removed less than 10 cars so far, giving residents and visitors time to adjust to the new rules.

A typical car tow costs drivers $250 in fines and tow expenses.

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